3M Car Wrap Products

3M 1080 Vinyl Car Wrap Film

3M Brushed Metal Car Wrap Film

3M Brushed Aluminum
3M Brushed Titanium
3M Brushed Steel
3M Brushed Black Metallic
3M Brushed Gold
3M Brushed Blue Steel

3M Straight Fiber / Carbon Fiber Car Wrap Film

3M Straight Carbon Black
Straight Fiber Anthracite
3M Black Carbon Fiber
3M Anthracite Carbon
3M Carbon Fiber White

3M Satin Car Wrap Film

3M Satin Smoldering Red
3M Satin Canyon Copper
3M Satin Bitter Yellow
3M Satin Apple Green
3M Satin Sheer Luck
3M Satin Ocean Simmer
3M Satin Perfect Blue
3M Satin Mystique Blue
3M Satin White
3M Satin Frozen Vanilla
3M Satin Pearl White
3M Satin White Aluminum
3M Satin Battleship Gray
3M Satin Dark Grey
3M Satin Gold Dust Black
3M Satin Black

3M Matte Finish Car Wrap Film

3M Matte White
3M Matte Pink
3M Matte Red Metallic
3M Matte Red
3M Matte Orange
3M Matte Yellow
3M Matte Apple Green
3M Matte Pine Green
3M Matte Military Green
3M Matte Riviera
3M Matte Metallic Blue
3M Matte Indigo
3M Matte Deep Black
3M Matte Black
3M Matte Charcoal Metallic
3M Matte Dark Grey
3M Matte Silver
3M Matte Gray Aluminum
3M Matte Brown Metallic
3M Matte Copper

3M Gloss Finish Car Wrap Film

3M Gloss White Gold Sparkle
3M Gloss White
3M Gloss Light Ivory
3M Gloss Gold Metallic
3M Gloss Sky Blue
3M Gloss Atlantis Blue
3M Gloss Atomic Teal
3M Gloss Kelly Green
3M Gloss Green Envy
3M Gloss Lemon Sting
3M Gloss Bright Yellow
3M Gloss Sunflower Yellow
3M Gloss Bright Orange
3M Gloss Burnt Orange
3M Gloss Liquid Copper
3M Gloss Fiery Orange
3M Gloss Hot Rod Red
3M Gloss Dark Red
3M Gloss Dragon Fire Red
3M Gloss Red Metallic
3M Gloss Cinder Spark Red
3M Gloss Hot Pink
3M Gloss Raspberry Fizz
3M Gloss Fierce Fusia
3M Gloss Boat Blue
3M Gloss Deep Blue Metallic
3M Gloss Blue Raspberry
3M Gloss Cosmic Blue
3M Gloss Intense Blue
3M Gloss Blue Metallic
3M Gloss Ice Blue
3M Gloss White Aluminum
3M Gloss Storm Gray
3M Gloss Sterling Silver
3M Gloss Anthracite
3M Matte Charcoal Metallic
3M Gloss Midnight Blue
3M Gloss Black Rose
3M Gloss Ember Black
3M Gloss Black Metallic
3M Gloss Black

3M Satin Neon Flourescent Car Wrap Film

3M Satin Neon Fluorescent Red
3M Satin Neon Fluorescent Pink
3M Satin Neon Fluorescent Orange
3M Satin Neon Fluorescent Yellow
3M Satin Neon Fluorescent Green

3M Color Flip Car Wrap Film

3M Satin Color Flip Galactic Frost
3M Satin Color Flip Carib Shimmer
3M Gloss Color Flip Electric Wave

3M 1080 vinyl car wrap film offers you the best in style and performance to take your car or truck to the next level. You don't have to settle!

  • 89 Colors and Counting
  • 6 Distinctive Looking Finishes:
    • Matte
    • Satin
    • Gloss
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Straight Fiber
    • Brushed Metal
  • Expected Performance Life
    • 7 Years for Matte, Satin, and Gloss
    • 5 Years for Carbon Fiber, Straight Fiber, and Brushed Metal


  • Neon colors have no warranty for fading.  Expected outdoor life in direct sunlight is less than three months.  Fluorescent Neon colors fade much faster than normal colors.  Note:  Reduction in fading can be helped with overlamination.
  • Note: Textured, metallic, pearl, and color flip films may have a directional characteristic in their appearance.


3M 1080 Car Wrap Film Color Guide

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3M 1080 Car Wrap Film Vehicle Care Guide

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