Avery Car Wrap Products

Avery Supreme Vinyl Car Wrap Film

Avery Brushed Metal Car Wrap Film

Avery Aluminum Brushed Metallic
Avery Titanium Brushed Metallic
Avery Steel Brushed Metallic
Avery Black Brushed Metallic
Avery Bronze Brushed Metallic

Avery Chrome Car Wrap Film

Avery Black Chrome
Avery Silver Chrome
Avery Red Chrome
Avery Blue Chrome
Avery Gold Chrome

Avery Carbon Fiber Car Wrap Film

Avery Black Carbon Fiber
Avery White Carbon Fiber

Avery Satin Car Wrap Film

Avery Satin White
AverySatin Pearl White
Avery Satin Carmine Red
3M Satin Smoldering Red
Avery Satin Awesome Orchid
Avery Satin Bubblegum Pink
Avery Satin Pearl Cielo
Avery Satin Azure
Avery Satin Khaki Green
Avery Satin Pearl Nero
Avery Satin Black

Avery Matte Finish Car Wrap Film

Avery Matte White
Avery Matte Pink Metallic
Avery Matte Garnet Metallic
Avery Matte Cherry Metallic
Avery Matte Blaze Orange Metallic
Avery Matte Orange
Avery Matte Yellow Green
Avery Matte Brown Metallic
Avery Matte Midnight Sand Metallic
Avery Matte Khaki Green
Avery Matte Emerald Metallic
Avery Matte Vintage Green
Avery Matte Night Blue Metallic
Avery Matte Blue Metallic
Avery Matte Frosty Blue Metallic
Avery Matte Purple Metallic
Avery Matte Black
Avery Matte Metallic Grigio
Avery Matte Charcoal Met
3M Matte Gray Aluminum
Avery Matte Gunmetal Metallic
Avery Matte Dark Gray
Avery Matte Anthricite Metallic
Avery Matte Silver Metallic

Avery Gloss Finish Car Wrap Film

Avery Gloss White
Avery Gloss Burgandy
Avery Gloss Carmine Red
Avery Gloss Soft Red
Avery Gloss Cardinal Red
Avery Gloss Diamond Red
Avery Gloss Red
Avery Gloss Orange
Avery Gloss Gold Orange
Avery Gloss Dark Yellow
Avery Gloss Yellow
Avery Gloss Ambulance Yellow
Avery Gloss Lime Green
Avery Gloss Light Green Pearlescent
Avery Gloss Emerald Green
Avery Gloss Dark Green
Avery Gloss Dark Green Pearl
Avery Gloss Dark Blue Metallic
Avery Gloss Indigo Blue
Avery Gloss Dark Blue
Avery Gloss Blue
Avery Gloss Intense Blue
Avery Gloss Diamond Blue
Avery Gloss Light Blue
Avery Gloss Pearl Bahama Blue
Avery Gloss Purple Diamond
Avery Gloss Metallic Milky Way
Avery Gloss Black
Avery Gloss Pearl Black
Avery Gloss Grey Metallic
Avery Gloss Metallic Meteorite
Avery Gloss Dark Grey
Avery Gloss Grey

Avery ColorFlow Car Wrap Film

Avery ColorFlow Rising Sun Red Gold
Avery ColorFlow Urban Jungle Silver Green
Avery ColorFlow Fresh Spring Green Gold
Avery ColorFlow Roaring Thunder Blue Red
Avery ColorFlow Rushing Riptide Cyan Purple

For a car wrap that offers supreme performance look no further than Avery Supreme Wrapping Film. 

  • 86 Colors and Counting
  • 6 Different Finishes
    • Pearl
    • Satin
    • Matte
    • Gloss
    • Extreme Texture
    • ColorFlow
  • Outstanding Durability in a Custom Car Wrap
    • 12 Year Outdoor Durability Black and White
    • 10 Year Outdoor Durability Color
    • 6 Year Outdoor Durability Metallics
    • 2 Year Outdoor Durability Horizontal
    • Clean Removal Up To 4 Years


  • Some Avery car wrap colors may be less than fully opaque and may demonstrate color shift when applied, or allow show through of paint lines or dissimilar colors, or overlap of material.

Avery Supreme Car Wrap Vinyl Color Chart

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Avery Supreme Car Wrap Vinyl Color Chart

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